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We are thinking of companies that want to establish themselves abroad, establish new companies or open branches, and obtain work and / or residence visas for their managers or staff.


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We Offer

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Legal support for the creation of companies. Choice of the most convenient company legal model. Registration and documentation. Notarization and registration in the corresponding files, be they federal, provincial or state. Opening of current accounts. Management of bank documents and debit and / or credit cards. Registration with chambers of commerce and business support agencies.

Easy and Simple to Use

Domiciliation and management of companies. Postal Service. Reception and management of your correspondence and parcels. fax reception and management. Immediate notice for urgent, certificates, etc. National forwarding without additional cost of your correspondence. Periodic information of the movements in your account - optional. Telephone attention. Exclusive telephone number, personalized answer with the name of your company. Telephone numbering of any state, province or even international numbering. Treatment of information in a personalized way. Attention using # 800 or similar —optional—. Transfer your calls to another phone number.

Accounting management

Comprehensive consulting, advisory and management service for companies. Design of specific accounting plans, update of accounts, internal audits, preparation and legalization of official books. Annual Report and federal and state taxes —or similar by country—. Correct completion of documents, registration of invoices and expenses, preparation of accounting and balances, etc. Tax return and filing, and financial planning.

Brands and patents

Complete and exhaustive services for the registration of distinctive signs, such as trademarks and trade names. Inventions — patents, utility models, models, and industrial designs.


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