We manage your internationalization

We are thinking of companies that want to sell their products and / or invoice abroad, but do not want to establish themselves in that country, nor train in branches, but want to have a delegation or representative office.

Our ideas

We see in every mistake an opportunity to learn, we listen to our clients' judgments and opinions about what we do, and we ask them for advice to progress and advance. We listen, we take note, we review the work and we learn. We are never completely satisfied, which allows us to always move forward, until we achieve our goal with the security that does things well.

Billing by local company

The cost is between 10% and 20%. Value added tax varies by nation and even by states or provinces in various countries. A percentage is added to that amount based on corporate tax and turnover. TRISQUEL CORP usually charges around 15%, but sometimes it is billed at a fixed amount.

Business hosting services

Collection of documentation, calls and even the possibility of holding meetings, conferences or presentations. It is billed according to the use and the chosen place or location.

Design, hosting and web page 

From simple hosting to sophisticated commercial management programs. Customizable to each client.rm or service provider.

Travel management 

Accommodation and even accompaniment to international meetings, conferences or fairs. Complete management of spaces and facilities at events and conferences, from hostess services to translators and escorts.


The pursuit of excellence

We believe in continuous improvement. We dedicate the necessary time to each task, organizing ourselves to avoid last minute tensions and having to work in a hurry.
We participate in various social networks, a way to stay up to date and maintain a permanent connection with the dynamic world of today.


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